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Is your face lotion organic?
The shea butter, olive oil, and pomegranate seed oil are certified organic! The beeswax and honey is not certified organic but raw and local from the farmers market. The reason they can’t say if the honey/beeswax is organic is because no one can predict what specific flower a bee took the pollen from!

Is your product vegan?
This product contains honey and beeswax and is not considered vegan. However I believe if you find a sustainable beekeeper, they can greatly benefit our planet! They look after their hive, manage it symbiotically, being stewards of the environment and increase bee populations!

Is your product fair trade?
Yes, all the ingredients are fair trade.

Is it suitable for oily skin?
Yes, the olive oil helps seal the moisture in your skin and can balance out your sebaceous glands that is causing overproduction of oil.

Is it suitable for dry skin?
Yes, all the ingredients in this face lotion is suitable for hydration and moisturizing! 

Is it suitable for acne prone or inflamed skin?
Since all skin types are different I cannot guarantee anything but all the ingredients are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and hydrating! Since it is for sensitive skin, the ingredients should soothe and calm the skin.


Do you do international shipping?

What is your return & exchange policy?
Since this is a new and very small business, I am not currently taking returns or exchanges! However if you are not satisfied with your product, please email me at and we can figure it out together!

Do you offer free shipping?
At this time, I am not offering free shipping!

What shipping materials do you use?
Materials are all recycled, and post consumer. No plastic and all recyclable. 


I believe I provide gentle, nourishing and a non-irritating product for the skin. However, please read the disclaimer:

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