YAYFOREARTH's mission is simply all in the title. To give props to an earth that gives us EVERYTHING. Every single thing we purchase and invite into our lives is sourced from nature and our planet earth deserves all the credit. This face lotion started out as a desperate attempt to make something gentle and nourishing for my sensitive, irritated, and dry skin. I broke out in acne and rashes on my face right after high school due to unknown food allergies, bad habits, and trying to cover it all up with make up. I found a lotion that alleviated my skin but upon going zero waste, realized that there wasn't any plastic packaged product in the world that was worth continuing to use. After trial and error, I perfected an earth friendly face lotion that was exactly what my sensitive skin was aching for and have been using it for 4 years. The best part is that every ingredient has a purpose, its packed in a reusable glass jar and all of it is sourced responsibly - no fillers, no palm oil, no plastic. I decide to sell this face lotion I make for myself because I know there are so many options out there with confusing ingredients, confusing intentions, and poor results. I want other people to experience a product that was safe for their face and safe for their environment without compromise. 

Through respect, intention, and forward thinking, we can all change our system together. Yay for Earth!


Stevie Van Horn-  As a sustainability activist living in Brooklyn, New York, Stevie has been living a zero waste lifestyle for 3 and a half years and believes that every daily action is monumental to creating a better tomorrow. Influenced by growing up in the mountains of Colorado, she has always dedicated her zest of life to nature. With this all natural product, she strives to open up a bigger conversation about our choices affecting earth, conservation, and climate change.