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YAYFOREARTH | Brenna customer review | before and after face photo

"Hi Stevie! I wanted to share a photo with you as a review of your face lotion because I don't know if words can even describe what I want to say. I have been using your face lotion for only 4 days. The top photo is from the same day and the bottom is from 4 days later. I have to admit I was terrified to try your lotion because anything other than straight coconut oil makes me break out horrifically, but this has been A DREAM. You are amazing. I will forever use this lotion and it has changed my life and healed my face when nothing else would. THANK YOU!!!!!"


"You have actually found the skin miracle. 3 days and I can't believe how much it has improved my dry and acne prone skin - I've quit make up thanks to this! THANK YOU!! My skin hasn't looked like this in so long. Everyone needs nature on their face. All the girls struggling with their skin just need this one pot fixes all. Every shelf in the beauty shops just became redundant."


"Here's why I'm hooked!  A. The texture was perfect. Not too thick, not too thin, I feel like it was the perfect smoothness to put on the face. I think most people are in the middle and either don't like thick creams, or need something more than a thin layer. I feel this is perfect. B. Normally I use argan oil and THEN a cream afterwards because I feel the oil itself doesn't moisturize enough... with this I only need JUST YOUR CREAM. C. I usually need a lip balm before bed. I don't like dry skin or rough lips and with your cream I just smoothed it all over. Lips and all! I feel I can use this all year long and it will always be the perfect consistency. D. It feels like velvet on my face. Light and dewy velvet. Divine. E. A little goes a long way. I use less than a dime size amount and it covered my whole face. Customer for life! "

-Lauren M.

”I’m seriously impressed with your lotion. I love it for my dry face and since its all natural I decided to try it on my 6 month old daughters cradle cap and diaper rash. It only took two days to see results and now both issues are better. Other diaper rash creams weren’t working and I felt so bad for her sore bum. Ive never has anything else work on her cradle cap like this either… I let your lotion sit for 10 minutes and then I was able to easily brush the flakes out! Thank you!”


YAYFOREARTH helped my rescue pup’s sensitive skin so so much. When we first got her she was shedding everywhere with no hair growing on her ears. After using Yay for Earth on her bald spots and sensitive skin areas, her hair is finally growing back normally and no more dandruff! I also use it on her paw beds, and it helps to heal cracks from the harsh pavement <3. Her skin is so much happier!

-Sophie and Petunia

”Your face lotion is life! I am not one to say that it instantly worked after two days. it took a couple weeks honestly but now can say I am hooked! Skin is even, glowing, textured skin (tiny bumps) are gone. Also, my forever chapped lips that peel no matter what the season seem like they are finally healing! You are an inspiration!”


”I have been using your lotion for two months or more and my skin has never looked better. I have face dysmorphia, and this is the first time I have felt comfortable being in public without make up in as long as I can remember. Thank you for making this.”


”I just wanted to say thank you! I have battled with acne for most of my life. I have been to dermatologists, I’ve taken so many different medications to help my skin and none of them have been a permanent solution with no nasty side effects! Now Im getting acupuncture and lucky enough to get my hands on your lotion and it is wonderful! Ive been using it for 2 weeks and so happy with the results! Thank you!“

-Beth S.

"I used your lotion ONCE on a dry patch my rabbit had on his back. He had scratched off all the fur in the area because it was so raw and itchy :(. The hair is still growing back but it’s almost 100% healed after one use. I can’t believe how quickly it healed!

-Thankful rabbit <3

”I have extremely sensitive skin. Through the years I have tried everything from affordable over the counter face moisturizers to higher end all natural vegan products. Altho the latter cleared my skin, there was no way I could afford to keep up with the Joneses beauty regime. When I began my zero waste journey, finding a zero waste moisturizer that would leave my skin break out AND plastic free seemed impossible. Then I found your AMAZING face lotion and since using it, my face has been clearer than ever! It is affordable and saving the earth one jar at a time.”

"Used it this morning and its AMAZING! My skin is sensitive/combo/cystic acne prone and it didn't cause redness and it absorbed so well. I'm moisturized and I don't feel like an oil slick. I just got done with the dermatologist and she said the ingredients are great, too."


"I've been using my YAYFOREARTH face lotion for 4 days now and literally my face is as smooth as a baby's bottom."


"I bought the bigger size so I could share with my mom and sister and so far everyone has loved it! We are coming off using another product and it has the same texture but is more economical, has fewer ingredients and is plastic free!! Yay Earth! We will definitely be restocking this once it runs out. Thanks for a wonderful product!"


“I have neglected my $100+ face lotion since I received yours a week ago. My daughter spent the night the other day and asked to use my face lotion  and she loved it soooo much that she ordered her own. Keep up the good work!"


"I got a 4 oz of your lotion from the first batch and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. That lotion is literally a miracle in a jar. My face used to be so oily, and I would use things throughout the day to sop up all of the oil. I read that using oil based lotions could help with oil skin, but there's usually a gap period where your face is just oil city. Not with your magical lotion though! Day one after just using a little bit of it, my face hasn't produced any excess oil at all. Thank you thank you for selling this, you have a customer for lyfe (If I can ever get through the jar)!


"Im OBSESSED with your lotion. Ordered the 2 oz and already halfway through it! Already ordered a 4 oz. I love the consistency of it, which melts like butter. It has been a HUGE blessing for me for the treatment of eczema! I also use it on my hair and its an amazing moisturizer for my ends and edges!"


"When I tried your face lotion for the first time I loved it. It was perfect and made my face feel hydrated and healthy! But I wanted to give it a couple weeks. I've been having some crazy breakouts and nothing seemed to help. I don't use chemicals. EVERYTHING I use is natural so that's why I bought your lotion. I've tried every single lotion that was "natural" but didn't like any of them an I used to buy really expensive and luxurious face lotions until I went vegan and started taking actions towards saving the planet! So all of the natural face lotions were really bad for my skin UNTIL I FOUND YOURS!!!! It's been two weeks or more of daily use and I don't have pimples anymore and my face looks SO BEAUTIFUL! But like, really really beautiful! I can't even believe it. It's always hydrated, always glowing and looks like I'm so happy because it gives my skin that feeling: happiness and health!! You have changed the game. It is possible to be healthy and look awesome without harming the planet or your budget. I'll be forever grateful."

-Maria Gabriela

"I'm blown away. It's for sensitive skin and oil based and I was nervous at first but its been almost a week and my skin is brighter, more even toned, and healing old blemishes at lightning speed. It's super affordable and handmade. Next order I will definitely be ordering several to stock up on."


"Oh my god. I just have to say THANK YOU. I have been suffering with dry patches on my skin for a while now - especially on my forehead - and ever since I started using your face lotion the dry patches have disappeared. I am actually in shock how much my face loves this lotion after just three days. Wow. And seriously a little goes a long way so i see this 4 oz jar lasting me a while. I even put a tiny bit (what was remaining on my finger tips) on the ends of my hair. I love how it makes my skin feel after using. Soft, supple, and hydrated... everything that I could ask for in a moisturizer. Thank you again SO MUCH."


"We LOVE our new face lotion! Thank you so much! It is gentle enough for my daughter, Willows skin, yet potent enough for mine. I spend a majority of my time out in the sun and I can already tell that this will work wonders for my dry skin! YAY!"


"So I have been waiting to review your lotion because I wanted to give it a week or two... but I can't wait any longer! It's been about two weeks and I can truly say that I am in LOVE with this face lotion. I look forward to putting it on everyday and after my showers. Its helped my cracked lips, dry skin, AND its kept my eczema super moisturized which I am so thankful for. Thanks for creating this earthy gem."


"Im absolutely obsessed with your face lotion. I cannot get enough!!! I love the dewy look it gives making it so I have gotten rid of face make up altogether! Not to mention the difference its made with dryness."


"FOR REAL GUYS, this lotion is hands down a blessing sent to us! I've tried it out for 2 weeks now and I am sold. It's the perfect consistency and it does an amazing job and the biggest bonus of all: it's all plastic free! Ill easily reuse this glass jar for bulk shopping so its a two in one."


"Favorite thing right now and looking forward to applying it each morning and night, it is so healing and soothing. No chemicals, it has edible ingredients and zero waste packaging and shipping!"


"I love it!! Its been one day and it has already cleared up these nasty dry patches that I get below my mouth."


"Hi! I've been using your face lotion for 2 or 3 weeks now and it's honestly life changing! Not even being dramatic about that. It's helped soothe/clear up eczema on my face thats decided to introduce itself this winter and was making my self confidence take a lil hit, and it makes my skin SO soft and smooth and GLOWY. Hands down the best skincare product I've ever purchased. Thank you!!!"


"Loving this face lotion! I have a cold and have been blowing my nose a lot . I have a new nose piercing and have to soak it in salt water twice a day and when I went to do that my nose started burning really bad because its irritated from all the nose blowing. I rinsed my nose, put your lotion on right away and it instantly stopped burning! It feels good to buy something from you knowing you put so much thought into every detail of making and shipping this out to me! Thank you!!"


"STEVIE! Your face lotion is magical! I've been using it for a week now and its done wonders for my skin. I've struggled finding a face lotion that 1. Wouldn't irritate my face and 2. Wouldn't make me break out. MY search is finally over, thank you! MOST IMPORTANTLY, I've struggled with cold sores my whole life. Nothing helps! I just have to let it run its course...until now... I have been putting your face lotion on it all day today and OH MY ITS LITERALLY VANISHING. Thank you thank you!"

-J. den

"Absolutely loving your face lotion! It is by far the best lotion I have ever used and could ever hope for. It makes my face feel soft and leaves a healthy glow. Thank you so much!!"


"Just wanted to let you know your face lotion is literally the best thing I've put on my skin. My co-workers and friends have noticed that my skin is glowing and asking me what I've been doing! I've completely cut out all other products and will also move toward plastic free soap bar after I finish my current cleanser. Thanks so much for letting this skincare obsessed girl be more waste-free!!!"


"I'd just like to say how amazing your face cream/oil is!! Literally only been using a few days and 'm already seeing improvement. I have been telling everyone who would listen, about it. It honestly does feel like nature on your face and I've never felt happier with a face product before. Thank you!!!"


"I have been only using this for two nights and I love everything about it. Seriously. I have tried so many different types of lotions all the way to just plain coconut oil and nothing comes close to this mixture. It's so light but really moisturizing at the same time so I put it on at night and didn't need to apply it in the morning like I usually do. I want to order one for my mom when she comes to visit, Thank you Stevie!!"


"I started paying attention to what you used on your face, the kissmyface soap bar, the sunscreen and your holy grail face lotion!!! I'm obsessed. Instantly I saw results. Just a background I had cystic acne and rosacea. These items combined with a healthy vegan diet have transformed my skin. People on my youtube and in real life have noticed my acne going away and even my redness. I'm going to tell everyone and their mother about your skin care routine and your face lotion. Thank you thank you thank you!"


"I am going on a week of using your face lotion and I am already noticing an improvement with my skin! I have been dealing with cystic acne and usually trying new face lotions tend to break me out, but my skin is really loving your lovely concoction! Today my friend told me my skin looked "glowy"!!! It's so soft and luxurious to put on and after a week it still looks like I haunt made a single dent! Thank you so much!!"


"Okay, I'm not gonna lie I was a little skeptical when I heard people talk about how well their skin improved and what not, but GIIIRRRLLLL I have never EVER felt 100% confident without make up on. Ive been using the lotion for about a week and I didn't wear any foundation or concealer to work today! I felt so glowy and fabulous this morning, I just did my brows and eyelashes. I'm so amazed and so happy! I have been searching for a right moisturizer to balance out the oils in my skin, and this is definitely it! I've also barely put a dent in the 2 oz jar, a little goes such a long way. I just wanted to say thank you and that I love this product. Please never stop making it.”


"I just wanted to follow up and say a huge thank you... there really is something special and magical about your face lotion. I recently got an IUD and was really worried about getting my acne back (I have struggled with it for years and years prior to being on the pill.) I have not had a major break out in a good month or so and I believe the culprit is your face lotion. My skin is dewy, glory, moisturized, and quite soft. Thank you again, and thank you for being utterly transparent about your recipe!"


"Yay for Earth doesn't begin to describe the glory of this cream. I have tried way too many natural face creams and yours is above and beyond my favorite. It's also a great lip balm and also works beautifully with my mineral make up."


"Hi! So I have been using your face lotion for like a month and a half now, and like so many others, I love it! I love knowing exactly what is in stand that it is GOOD for my skin. I can see the difference too. I have struggled with an oily T-zone for so long, buying products with so many ingredients I didn't even know what they were. I could never find anything that controlled the oiliness and kept my skin hydrated. Well, now I have! My skin isn't oily when I use this face lotion, PLUS it feels and looks hydrated. THANK YOU!"


"Hey Stevie! I've been using your lotion for over 2 weeks now and I've already told everyone I possible could about it. I've done everything for my cystic acne, EVERYTHING, and stuck with each method and product and diet for months at a time to really see if something would help. I've learned a lot about my skin, mostly being that its super dry and sensitive. Your lotion is SO gentle and SO calming. I've never used anything like it before and I have tried it all. Even straight up oils couldn't pack the punch that your lotion does. I already want to buy another jar in case you never make them again. Thank you thank you!"


"I bought your lotion a month ago, and I'm sold! I've always struggled with acne, so finding a face lotion that works with my pretty intense nightly regime and doesn't break the bank has been difficult. I LOVE that yours is affordable, chemical-free, sustainable, AND long-lasting (a little goes a loooong way.) It has honestly been a relief to find a lotion that I love so much that I can actually afford. Plus, its like I'm hugging my skin every night when I put it on. Yay for Earth!"


Clearing up!!!!

Clearing up!!!!

My daughter has a very dry patchy skin disorder like eczema X 10!!! We've tried everything.   With other lotions, we've gotten reaction after reaction and nothing feels good to her, everything burns! She puts on your lotion and she's like "omg its magic." If you ever stop making it, I'm going to be devastated!! My skin is also looking so good and proactive doesn't stand a chance to your product!! I can't thank you enough and my daughter loves it so much, she's healing!"


"I've tried so many top name products but never has my skin felt so smooth! We all need some nature on our face! If you keep making this, I'll keep buying."


"Laaaady, your face lotion is AMAZING! I was going to wait a little longer to let you know but it's already obvious that my skin loves it, haha. MY friend tried it and plans to but it after just one day of use! So glad I got some at the start of the summer so I can avoid make up totally."


"Obsessed with this stuff! It's seriously amazing!! My boyfriend who does NOT like anything on his face ever - loves it! He was broken out yesterday and I put it on his face and it was almost completely cleared up today."


"FINALLY GOT ONE! I went to the dermatologist yesterday and he told me that I am hyper sensitive and allergic to nearly everything. Showed him the ingredients of your face lotion and he was in love. He said there couldn't be anything better in there!"


"I just have to tell you that I am so thankful for the lotion you make! I use it on EVERYTHING. It makes pimples, scars, rashes, razor burns and bug bites disappear! This is such a wonderful product! I have told nearly everyone I know about it. Thank you!"


“Just wanted to let you know my boyfriend finally tried your face lotion that I bought for him as a gift. He sweats a lot at work and wears surgical masks (therefore the sweat/oil accumulates and sits on his face for a few hours) so every week he’s breaking out. Now that he’s been using your lotion, not only are his dry flaky cheeks moisturized, but any new pimples that start to form go away after a couple days of application! He’s SUPER impressed with how moisturized and calm his face has been! So happy! Now you have both of us as your loyal customers!”



“I just started using your lotion and one week in, I feel like my skin looks the best it has in years. I’m not even wearing makeup today I feel so good about it! So happy I purchased your lotion!”


“I’ve been trying to switch to a new cruelty free/more natural moisturizer and I’ve tried a few things over the last few months. Every thing I used has given me allergic reactions. I even made my own with natural oils and I reacted badly (my skin is suuuuuper sensitive). I’ve only been using yours for a few days, but I love it and so does my skin! Which is seriously a miracle, you don’t even know. So thank you!”


“Finally joined the cult and bought Yay for Earth face lotion, and let me tell you, it’s legitimately the best lotion I’ve ever used. Admittedly, I’ve always had pretty clear skin, but that’s created some seriously lazy habits when it comes to (not having) a skin care routine. But this lotion has become such a lovely part of my morning. And my skin is so dang smooth and even, which is a pretty big deal since I quit wearing makeup two years ago and have nowhere to hide when my skin is feeling blotchy. My skin is soft as hell and feels incredibly healthy. Plus, just knowing that the lotion is all natural, zero waste, and was lovingly handmade by someone who genuinely cares about people and the environment makes it so much better!”


“I’ve struggled with cystic acne after going through a really stressful few months and switching up my birth control. I was stressed beyond belief on top of the fact that going out in public became something that terrified me. I even called in sick to work once because it was so bad. I was obviously left with some scarring and a good amount of hyper pigmentation. I was in and out of the doctor every month trying to find anything that would work. At one point I was on five different medications, both oral and topical. Eventually I started simplifying my routine, using only mild soap and lotion, which was the key. But I still felt like my skin looked dull and tired, along with some noticeable redness. I’m telling you, I’ve been using Yay for Earth for ONE WEEK and my skin in glowing, the tone is nearly completely even and my scars are fading. My lips have also never been softer/more full looking and I just have this all around glow. Makeup application is phenomenal when I do decide to wear makeup, though I’m so happy with how my skin is looking that I rarely do. Thank you a thousand times for creating this little gem of a product. Simplicity really is key when it comes to your facial routine.”


“I am in love with your face lotion! I have always had really dry skin on my face and I cannot believe how soft my skin feels after only using your lotion for a few days. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and I actually feel like it is being absorbed. I love love love your product, as well as the packaging. I can’t wait to reuse the container when I have gone through it all. I will definitely be ordering a larger size the next time.”


“GIRL. This lotion is life changing. My skin has been GOING THROUGH IT due to all of these mystery medical things going on and switching medications all the’s been rough. My skin would react ok to a new product (some costing well over $100 and claiming to be “all natural” and “organic”) but my skin would adapt to them in days and go back to being painfully dry. Your lotion is the only thing I have tried in A YEAR that actually moisturizes my skin without making it greasy! I even forgot to put it on this morning because my skin was still so hydrated from last night. It has also massively calmed down my autoimmune Mylar rashes!”