Simple Ecology x Yay for Earth

Simple Ecology x Yay for Earth

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We truly believe the best way to save the world is to take positive action in our every day lives. A big way to create less trash is by bringing cloth produce bags when leaving the house! Whether its getting a snack at a café, filling up on bulk foods or putting all fresh produce in them at the grocery store –we can avoid 80% more trash from being put in the landfill and worst, leaching into the environment.

Represent your love for the earth on the go and in style with Simple Ecology’s x Yay for Earth natural, sustainable, biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, zero waste organic cotton produce bags and tote!

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Your new favorite go-to bags and tote! Each bag is made from Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified cotton, and have the Yay for Earth logo printed on them. They are strong and durable! The tote measure about 17”x13” when empty, and stretch to fit a large capacity. Take your bag to the beach, grocery shopping, picnics, the gym, farmers markets…you name it! The produce bags keep produce fresh longer than plastic bags because of their breathable fabric, which allows ethylene gas to escape. They also include the tare weight for easy subtraction during check out. Each produce bag (mesh and muslin) is a size LARGE and measures 10”x12” and has a drawstring, along with the Yay for Earth logo!


  • One organic cotton tote

  • One large mesh produce bag

  • One large muslin produce bag

  • Produce bags 2 pack: each 2 pack includes one large organic muslin produce bag and one large organic cotton mesh produce bag!

  • Multipack: each multipack includes one organic cotton tote, one large organic cotton mesh produce bag and one large organic muslin produce bag!